Email tracking explained

Emails are sent as a personalized email to each contact or set up automation to send emails automatically with Workevo. What's more, Workevo can also collect the status of sent emails through the Email Tracking feature.

Email tracking allows users to capture the status of the email, the interaction. This information is collected to provide an insight into the communication between brands and contacts, capturing customer needs and interests.

Lists of email status that can be tracked on Workevo include:

  • Sent: Email has been sent to the contact.

  • Delivered: Contact has received the email.

  • Open: Contact has opened an email.

  • Click: Contact has clicked on the link in the email.

Also, the reporting system provides the following information:

  • Delivery rate: The percentage of emails sent.

  • Open rate: Number of open contacts / Received emails.

  • Click rate: Contact number clicked any link in email / Contact opened number.

Hope you can find this feature useful!!

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