Automation templates overview & Ideas Hub

This section will introduce examples of appropriate workflows or use circumstances that will be given to describe the actions you can take with this feature.

Use appropriate context and workflow examples:

Your automation processes in Workevo can achieve one of the following goals:

(We have divided all the automation processes in each stage of Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Maintenance, Introduction, Revenue. The following examples will inspire you to automate. new marketing or using an automation template in the "Ideas Hub" Workevo)

  • Create attention and lead - Awareness

  • Increase enrollment - Acquisition

  • Participation Process - Activate

  • Increase maintainability - Maintain

  • Reduce the amount of leaving - Keep

  • Increase referrals - Referrals

  • Increase revenue - Revenue

You can access the automation by clicking "Automation", located in the menu on the left.

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