The Workevo Glossary

Here are the words you often see when you use Workevo:


The form helps you collect contact information.


The company's feature allows you to group all your users from one company so you can filter and message them more easily.

Contact Details

All your data on a contact, updated in real-time on a single page for that user in contact.

Contact Details

An overview of your data about contacts within a company - updated in real-time - so you can see your entire history and current status with the company.

Contact list

Contacts are the place to store all your contacts.


Contacts in Workevo are your customers (or potential customers) identified via an email address or phone number.


Applied to a group of people who have the same problem or a specific topic, you can easily categorize or use them to run automation in Workevo.


It allows you to classify customers based on customer information by contact information.


You can send an email from the contact immediately or set up an auto-send email whenever and fit specific criteria. You can handle email replies in the app in one place.

Email template

Also known as an "Email Template", Workevo provides you with standard email templates. We have a simple, personal design and focus on the message you want to convey. You can also create your templates to control the look and feel of the email entirely.


A variety of data that users manipulate on your site so you can use them to help take care of your customers more quickly and conveniently.


A short message designed to share updates and quick tips.

Activate (In automation)

"Activation" is the condition to start an automation.

Action (In automation)

"Actions" are actions that will be performed after the automation conditions are met.

Save the email template.

A saved answer to a common question your customers ask. Saved replies can help speed up your response time.


A group of contacts defined by the rules (or filters) you set. Contacts are automatically added to the segments each time the contact matches the state.


Tells you about user behavior on your Website or any of our Workevo tracking-enabled media.


Enrich information about contacts from our database to get to know your contacts or customers better.

Submissions (In the form)

Tells you how many times your form has been submitted.

Tracking Code

Help you track your contacts automatically.

Personalized card

These personal cards act as placeholders in your mail, retrieving unique information from personal contact records such as (their name, email address, or location).

Working space

It is in your work area.

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