Send custom contact attributes to Workevo

Workevo allows you to create and track custom data attributes about your users and potential customers based on criteria specific to your business.

You can use this data to filter and create targeted customer segments and send emails.

What is a data attribute?

Data properties track the truth about your customers - like the plan someone is working on or when they sign up - as opposed to an event, tracking customer actions periodically.

Here is an example: if your product is a project management tool, you can track data on the number of files that each user has. Then, if you want to message users who have already started adding files to the tool and may need some help onboard, you can set up a message targeting users with "file is less than 1 ".

The most common data properties set up on Workevo are in customer development, such as:

  • Price list

  • Worth buying

  • A number of allies added.

  • A number of songs played.

  • The registration date ends.

How do I create custom data attributes?

You can do this at any time by adding additional key/value pairs to the Workevo installation code. (a key is attribute name; value is corresponding value).

Double-check that your keys always have valid JSON values ​​as a string (text), number, or boolean (true or false). That means using quotes around the text string and sending NULL to serve the case when no value exists for the user.

You can also send us the date or URL. You can track the URL as a text string, for example, "". Workevo will recognize this and automatically turn it into a hyperlink. Keep track of the day by sending us a Unix timestamp in seconds. If you create a key name that ends with "_at", we will automatically treat it as a date rather than a number (see "last_order_at" below).

Here are some examples of data property key and value pairs:

window.workevoSettings = {
  email: "",
  user_id: "123",
  app_id: "abc1234",
  created_at: 1234567890,
  "subdomain": "workevo", // Put quotation marks around the text string
  "teammates": 4, // Send numbers without quotes
  "active_accounts": 12,
  "last_order_at" : 1350466020, // Send the date in Unix timestamp format and end the key name with "_at"
  "custom_domain": null // Send null when there is no value to the user

Things to remember:

  • Key names are case-sensitive and can contain dots ('.'), Dollar signs ('$'), characters like “~`! @ #% ^ & * '{} | \ ”Or NULL.

  • The data values ​​must be submitted as JSON strings, numbers, or booleans (true or false). We can accept objects, nested hashes, and array data formats.

  • The text string value can only contain up to 255 characters.

  • You can delete existing data values ​​by sending empty strings.

  • Workevo automatically tracks some standard properties. Check these before creating custom attributes.

Once you've updated your code and started tracking data, you should:

  • Turn on identity verification for your users.

  • Create descriptions for each attribute to help your teammates understand them

Have trouble?

If you have any problems adding custom data attributes to Workevo, just email us at We will help you set up and track the data you need right away.

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