How do Filters Work?

You can filter your customers in "Contacts" based on the tags they have, the segments they participate in, the events they've completed, their standard properties, and their custom attributes. There are many types of attributes. Each property will have different conditions, for example:

  • First Name: “is empty”, “is not empty”, “is”, “is not”, “contains”, “does not contains”, “starts with”, “ends with”

  • Gender: “is empty”, “is not empty”, “is”, “is not”

  • Tags: “is empty”, “is not empty”, “contains”, “does not contains”

Note: The conditions "is" and "is not" are case-sensitive. For example, a filter with the attribute "First Name" and the value of "john" 'would not match a user named "John". But with "contains" or "does not contains" conditions, it will match because this condition is not case-sensitive.

Standard attribute filter

You can filter your customers based on their activity with the following standard attributes:

  • Last contacted at - The last time you had any interaction with that contact.

  • Last heard from - The last time they contacted you.

  • Last seen - The last time they saw your app or your website, was tracked by Workevo.

Filter for contacts which are enabled in your automation:

  • Unsubscribed from emails - If they unsubscribe from emails, they will no longer receive any email or automated messages.

  • Has hard bounced - When you try to send an email to an email address, but those emails are bounced back to Workevo. Therefore, we will not send any further emails to this address.

  • Marked email as spam - When your contacts mark one of your emails as spam. Therefore, we will not send any further emails to this address.

Note: These filters are applied automatically to your message object, which may result in lower numbers than expected.

Are you looking to send automatically to all potential customers? Just add a filter with "Last Seen" today and "Sign up" today. It will exclude all your existing users and start sending in new leads that can become your customers.

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