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In this section, we will introduce an overview of the Contact Management feature of Workevo.

Contact list

To access this feature, select the contact menu. Below is your contact list, showing all the contacts you have in their latest activity order.

The features of contact management

  • Add new contact: At the “Add new contact” button, there are two options available “Add new contact” button, there are two options available “Add new contact” and “Import contacts”.

  • Filter: You can find the “Filters” on the left side of the contact list. This feature is used to filter your user list by the desired criteria. Workevo can also analyze your available data to answer any questions you may have. Two types of data that can be customized in Workevo are contact properties and contact events. They will also appear in the filter bar along with the standard contact attributes above.

  • Segments: Saving a filter you just define to create a segment so you can quickly access essential filter criteria that you will often use later.

  • Enrich: Enrich the contact information from our database from a third-party source to better know your contacts or customers.

  • Bulk actions: To work with multiple contacts at once, you can use the checkbox to the left of each contact line. Also apply tags, delete and enrich to multiple contacts at once.

  • Settings column: To the right of your contact list, customize the columns you want to display by selecting the checkbox on the left of the information field that you want to display.

  • Search: Search any contact by name or email address in the upper right corner of the contact list.

  • Delete contact

Tags list

Manage all tags and track the number of contacts for each tag in the tags list.

List of segments

Manage all segments in the segment list with actions like editing the segment name, deleting, and tracking each segment’s contacts

List of companies

Workevo treats all your contacts as individuals. If there are the same email domains,, we automatically group them all under the one unique company profile At the contact list menu> company, the list of companies will appear as below.

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