Know every contact and company personally in Workevo

In this section, we will share how to read about any contacts and company in Workevo.

To read and understand individuals or organizations in Workevo, you need to click on each contact (or company) you want to read in the contact list (or company).

You will find a lot of useful information about your contacts in the personal information column to the left of their avatar profile.

If you are not sure what specific actions a user has taken, you can click on the tab activities.

Contacts Management feature allows you to group your contacts into useful groups by tagging contacts or adding a new company. You can see any tags that have been added about your users to the right of their profile.

If your team members have left any helpful notes about your users, you can see it on the left side of that profile as well.

Hope you will get million insightful facts about your contacts.

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