What is an Audience?

Workevo allows you to filter and segment any talented contact group. For example, create a group of test users, leads, loyal customers, or whatever you want.

To filter contacts, follow these steps:

Step 1: At the "contact" screen, select "Add filter."

Step 2: In the "Filter contact" table, select the properties to filter criteria like email, tags, gender, ...

Step 3: Add “Rule”.

Step 4: Add “Value”.

Step 5: After you have entered the required fields, click “Add”.

The contacts that satisfy the values ​​you create will be filtered and displayed.

To create contact segments, select filters above for your contact list. For example, you select the phone number of the user, and the users have the same card to filter the contacts and then create a segment.

Once you've selected the desired contact filter criteria, follow these steps to create a segment for that filtered contact:

Step 1: Click the "Save segment" button next to the "Add filter" button.

Step 2: In the "Save segment" table, name the segment.

Step 3: Click “Save segment” to save the above changes.

Step 4: The notify "New segment has been created." will appear, informing you that you have created a new segment successfully please check them in the "Segment" section.

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