Automation actions explained

This section explains each of the eight steps in the automation builder with its functions and purposes. Please find the eight steps available by clicking the "+" button on the automation builder screen, and the "Add step" window will appear on the right of the screen.

Add a step "Send an Email"

This step allows you to send one / more emails to contact them. Add it to automation, and it works when emails are created to send.

There are two ways to create an email:

Option 1: Choose the email templates that Workevo has created for you based on your intended use and editing. In the "Email templates" window, select one of the available email templates.

Note: Click "Preview" to preview some email templates before selecting any email to edit.

Once you've selected an appropriate email template, give it a name and then click "Select" to begin editing. The user can edit all data such as images, text or buttons.

Note: At the first icon in the right corner of the screen, you need to set up basic information fields such as email name (if any), subject, Word and Answer, see the illustration below for more information.

Click the "Review & Save" button in the right corner of the screen to save all your changes. Click "Exit" to cancel your edit and return to the auto-generated wizard's screen.

Choose the first template "Blank - Build from scratch" and click "Select" to create a new email. Then, the system will go directly to the system to create emails for you to create emails as you like. Then repeat the same function of the "Edit", "Review & Save" or "Exit" buttons.

Add an "If / Else" step

If / Else gives you some different directions for subsequent actions in case the behavior or information of previous actions changes.

This step works after the action Set condition takes place. The system allows you to set multiple directions while providing multiple values ​​to select, such as Date added as M / D / Y, United States country, or Open email / Unopened email, as shown in the following picture.

Add a "Wait" step

"Wait" is an essential step for efficient automation. Because of the "Wait" action, your automation will wait for a certain amount of time before proceeding to the next step, ensuring completion and matching of the specified actions.

Waiting for a day or a reasonable period of time will help you avoid sending too many emails to customers. Moreover, it is a good idea to increase efficiency, such as the speed of opening, sending successful messages of future emails by sending to people by the time they are likely to check the email box

You can set up the "Wait" action within a reasonable time in two ways:

Set "A period of time" by inserting numbers (1,2,3, etc.) and time units (Minutes / Hours / Days / Weeks)

Set "Accurate time" to M / D / Y format and time, such as October 24, 2020, 02:19 pm. Check out the image below to make it easier.

Add a step "Update Contact's Attribute"

This step allows you to update multiple additions on values ​​whenever contacts are added actions, information, and other things that change, appear and occur. Click the update contact attribute button and select the appropriate value. Available values ​​like city, country, date of birth to name a number.

Add a step "Add a Tag"

This step allows adding tags to targeted/tagged contacts in automation from the outset. This step is set up as additional actions for contacts to conduct even the most complete automation. Better segmentation, better goals, and better customer experience optimization.

For example, create a purchased "purchased customer" card, which describes customers who have purchased your products/services and grouped them together manually. In your automation, you can add a "purchased customer" tag as a step.

Add a step "Remove a Tag"

This step allows deleting a tag that has been added to the targeted/tagged contacts in automation. The actions of this step are set up as additional actions automatically for contacts to conduct even the most complete automation. Better segmentation, better goals, and better customer experience optimization.

For example, delete a "purchased customer" tag, you just need to add automation in case you want to change the targeted audience or to add another tag.

Add a step "Remove from Contacts"

In automation, this step allows you to delete contacts but not only automatically but also from the original contact list. Workevo suggests that you pay attention while adding this step so as not to make mistakes or not to lose any valuable contacts.

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