Custom data planning tool

A resource to help you plan and build custom data parameters for engineering.

Tracking custom data means Workevo can tell you who your customers are and what they do in your web application or mobile device. The tool at the bottom of this page helps you plan events and custom attributes you want to track in Workevo. Just share this parameter with your engineers so they can send your custom data to Workevo.

Plan your events:

You can plan events you want to send to Workevo. Event data records whenever a user takes specific actions in your product. For example, you can track the first time a contact clicks on a particular page or when they buy the most recent item.

Plan your custom attribute:

You can also plan custom attributes you want to send to Workevo. Custom properties record data about your contacts like the plans they have taken or the number of projects they have created. Select the type of data each custom attribute should have:

  • Number (for example, the number of projects that users have created or songs they've uploaded, etc.)

  • String (letters and numbers).

  • Unix timestamp (date - for example, the date the user canceled their account).

  • Boolean (True / False - for example see if users have a Pro package or not if they are trial users).

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