Group Your Profiles by Tag

Tags are similar to segments except that they are not automated. Tags allow you to group your contacts manually. For example, if you have a loyal customer base and want to provide exceptional care, the "card" feature will be beneficial for you.

To group your contacts by certain tags, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the contacts to tag in the contact list and click the "Tags" button on the toolbar.

Step 2: In the "add tags" window, select one or more tags to attach to the group. On the other hand, to create a new card, click on "Manage Tags" to create before it appears on the card list.

Step 3: After you've selected the card to set for the contact group, click the "Application" button to save the selected changes.

Step 4: The notification "Card has been successfully added" will let you know you have successfully added a card to a contact group and check them at Contact -> Tags.

Note: The card can be used in categorizing contacts. However, it is also associated with our "Automation" so please consider using it accordingly, here we will guide you to use the card most effectively:

This automation will run when the tagging action is taken. The process of implementation will be to set the conditions and actions of the campaign.

  • The condition will be "Tag added", we will name the card, for example, the card "lead".

  • Then set the action, simplest and most common, send an email to the contact.

  • Once the campaign is set up, it's ready to run. Click "start" to allow the campaign to go live.

  • You will then tag the "Leads" in the contacts you want them to be targeted in this campaign. (Before that, you could create a customer segment (Segment) and tag a lot for the segment. there)

  • After successful tagging, the "Quick question" email will be sent to those contacts with the above tag.

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